Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Family Fun

My step-sister Candee is working hard to secure her position as a favored aunt to George.  At a recent family gathering George was taking numerous cupcakes, licking the frosting off, and then throwing the cake part away.  Aunt Candee just gave him the tub of leftover frosting and a spoon.  He could hardly believe his good fortune!  After a few bites he said it was burning his throat-- I guess that is how a four year-old describes something that is too sweet.
Elinor has a new cute blouse.  She and I had to do a bit of shopping on Monday because we have a disagreement almost every Sunday morning.  Our point of contention is a white linen skirt that she loves and wants to wear every single week.  Call me vain, but it drives me nuts.  We found some new skirts and a shirts and we've agreed that the dreaded white skirt will only make an appearance once a month.  
Family gymnastics time with dad.  Abe was showing off his good head stand form.
Faith is still working on perfecting her round-off, back handspring, back tuck.  When she gets close to getting a trick, we will pick a reward for her for really intense practice and then success.  Her goal is to do 150 back handsprings a day, six days a week for two weeks.  Her teachers say she can only do the tricks her body is strong enough and ready to do, and this is what they recommend for building her strength.  
The mad scientists performing experiments with the humidifier.
A formal tea party.  What an interesting table setting!
The tea party goers.
The game was like bumper cars with laundry baskets.  These three are great fun, coming up with all sorts of fun games together.  I loved watching Clark, Bethany, and Elinor when they were younger making up games and playing together.  It makes me so happy and I feel so blessed to get to experience three close siblings being so involved in each others worlds again.  I will say that these three are louder and more physical in their activities.  

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