Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year's Eve 2014

Putting aside the fact that this is not a very flattering picture of me, and that absolutely nobody cares about that except me, this was our super fun New Year's Eve 2014 gathering.  We figured that we've been doing New Year's Eve with the Johansens for seven years in a row.  It is the game night of game nights-- made even better this year with Jeremy home from his mission.  He was missed.
There was much junk food and running and shouting and laser guns.
I repeat my request for all friends and family to get these guns and let's battle!
You want to hear something crazy?  Elinor goes to Young Women's in two months-- SAY WHAT???  I know she looks the part, but Elinor has never been terribly anxious to grow up, so it is kind of wierding me out.
Just Dance was the most popular activity amongst the youth aged.  This activity carried over into the next evening when Clark and Bethany had friends over again for more dancing.  
Boys and girls playing together in my own home-- shudder.  Times is a changing,  May I now take this opportunity to apologize to my parents, my siblings, my church leaders and school teachers-- basically anybody I annoyed with overly flirtatious behavior in my youth.  What goes around comes around and it's coming around on my offspring.  I blame no one but myself.  And here I was thinking homeschooling would make them socially awkward!  They were supposed to be scared of the opposite sex!
Now I don't want to brag or anything, but as this picture clearly shows, I can really groove-- but as this picture clearly shows, I should never do so publicly.  
When the clock struck twelve the gang celebrated with Ryan Seacrest.
And banged pots and pans outside.
And slept.
And nursed.
Here is by far the best thing to come out of 2014!  Happy 2015!

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Amy F. said...

What a fun celebration! We rang in the new year with Jesse in bed with a headache, so we were all quietly drinking sparking cider and watching TV while he slept through it. :)