Wednesday, January 28, 2015

You Look Marvelous, Darling!

When the kids returned home from their cruise they were talking about having their picture taken as they initially got on the boat.  That picture was then used for security checks when they re-boarded at different ports.  Then we all got silly joking about what faces they "should have made".

I will share.
Really, there are no words.
Oh, that is scary!
My apologies for this one.  I taught them this.
That's creepy, Els.
She is like a little rodent.

Speaking of rodents, after months and months of begging, cajoling, writing persuasive arguments for and saving their money--- Elinor and Bethany both are the proud new owners of hamsters.  Oh joy!  I don't wish to say anymore about that.  It's just that they look an awful lot like the mice we buy and then feed to Clark's pet snake.  Did I mention Abe is the one who finally agreed and took them to the pet store? 

Okay, back to our glamour shots.
Attractive, no?
Just getting lovelier with age.

Clark wished not to be photographed, although I cannot imagine why he wouldn't want to join this menagerie.  He did do some serious driving today with Abe.  Actual freeway driving.  It is best I was not there, but Abe was and now he says he is suffering from a stress headache.  Although he tells me Clark did a great job.  Having so many children seemed like such a good idea until I think that we will now have to teach them all to drive.  Homeschooling them for 12 years seems less daunting to me.

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