Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Day In January

This is Bethany's bedroom door.  It is indeed a room of awesomeness, but I'd like to draw your attention to the "Temporary Sick Room" sign.
Here is what was inside the room.
George was sick and Bethany was the most patient, kind nurse to him all day.  He just had a bad cold and cough and he needed a day in bed to rest and get better.  She set up his humidifier, brought him food and drinks, changed his movies and brought him coloring books.  She was at his beck and call all day.
Here's his sad sickie face.  Poor little guy can't seem to get over this cold/cough.  As soon as he's doing better he comes down with another round of it.  Reminds me of Clark as a little boy.
Next door to the sick ward was the library.  
It was a peaceful place.  May I come in and read for a while?
 The history section was extensive.
I suppose all reading and no play would make Cannon a dull boy.  And Cannon is definitely not a dull boy.

I admit, we didn't get a lot of school work done that day.  Peter had several bad nights last week and I was pretty worn out towards the end of the week.  He got his vaccinations recently and he seems to have a reaction about a week after he gets them with a fever and not feeling well.  So not much sleep at night and quite fussy during the day-- not a good combination for me.  He's doing better now, but it has made school work slow going lately.  I just haven't been as available as I need to be.  I hope to be a little more focused this week.  I have to remind myself that sometimes their own made- up games inspire them to learn far more than I do with my plans and checklists.  Their games also make for much more interesting pictures and interactions with each other.  Here's a fun throwback of just such a day several years ago.

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