Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Aging and Family

Lately I've been feeling rather frumpy.  I'm in need of a haircut.  I need to eat better and exercise more.  I need more sleep.  There is no cause for alarm-- it's all part of the baby stage for me.  Oh, sure-- blame the baby.  I'll work my way back into shape and I know I'll sleep through the night again someday.  That's not so much the problem.  The real "problem" is that I am getting older.  I'm noticing a few more wrinkles around the eyes and a few more gray hairs.  But even that I could be okay with.  

Here is what is seriously causing me consternation.
This other MAN living in my house!  He is about 1/4 of an inch shorter than Abe.  He was heading to a stake dance and wanted to wear the really nice leather jacket that Abe's parents bought him in Italy when they picked him up from his mission.  The very leather jacket Abe wore on our first date!!!!
Don't misunderstand me.  I am very pleased with Clark.  He is a wonderful young man.  He sets a good example for his younger siblings.  He is respectful and responsible.  But he's my CHILD!  But he's looking like an ADULT!  Which means I am not young anymore. There is nothing to be done.  There is not even really a problem and things are as they should be.  I'm just having a bit of a hard time processing right now.

And then it got worse.  It's one kind of disturbing thing to see your son grow up.  It's quite another to see your girls looking so grown up and off to another dance for ages 12 and up.  Elinor turns 12 next week so she got to go with Bethany. 
I will have three children in the youth program at church.  Once again, I know I'm not the first to walk this road, but sheesh!  It just happened so fast. 
Speaking of getting older, my dear sister turned 40 on Sunday and we had a family dinner/ birthday party for her.  I love my sister.  Elinor asked me yesterday if I would be devastated if I didn't have Brig for a sister.  I told her that I am so grateful to have my sister in my life and consider her a best friend and great blessing in my life.  
Elinor and cousin Emi are special friends.
Maybe you had to be there to appreciate it, but Brig had the most impressive blowing out of candles I've ever seen.  Fast and powerful.  Lots of hot air:)
Family games followed family dinner.
And speaking of family, my brother Peter (Chip), who lives in the D.C. area, sent me this awesome foxy artwork.  As I understand it, he asked an artist friend to create it.  It goes perfectly in our living room.  Sorry about the big flash from the camera right in the middle.  How lame that someone out there has the creativity and vision to make something so beautiful, and I can't even figure out how to take a good picture with a point and shoot camera.  Well, at least I can appreciate it.

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Amy F. said...

We are feeling older too...Annie will make 3 girls in YW for us! For some reason it feels weirder the more teenagers you have. :)