Friday, February 13, 2015

George Fox- Age 4

King George is four.  In my experience, children at the age of four are fairly independent.  They are totally potty trained.  They can help themselves to a piece of bread, yogurt, cheese stick, or drink.  They can get themselves dressed and get out toys to play with and look at books.  I don't have them doing real school yet or doing much by way of chores.  Consequently, the four year old can get overlooked at times.  Sometimes I'm not sure what he does all day.  I have noticed this with each of my four year-olds since Faith.
But there is one thing George does that no other four year old in our family has ever done.
George L-O-V-E-S the baby.  I mean to say he loves Peter like no four year old has ever loved a baby before.
And sometimes almost all the time, it is just too much.
Peter objects to all the love.
We try to tell George to stop laying on, touching, kissing and hugging Peter, but he is not to be dissuaded.  Peter must be loved.
Lots of little boys are pretty awesome.
George-- age 4 loves to paint.  Here he is painting a scorpion.

A little more about George-- age 4.
Favorite food:  Macaroni and Cheese
Favorite friends:  Lincon and Dallas
Favorite show:  The Wizard of Oz (because that's what he's watching right now and he is a Munchkin in the play)

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