Friday, February 13, 2015

Peter is Six Months Old

Look who is six months old!
He has had his first sickness-- bronchiolitis and double ear infections last week.  He has yet to sleep through the night.  He really, really likes me.  He is competing with Bethany as my snuggliest baby.
He has done his fair share of this over the past six months.  It seems like all of my babies have been pretty high maintenance for the first six months.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong.  Some of them stay a little higher strung and others mellow out around six months.  It remains to be seen which direction Peter will go.  Either way, we love him so much and I am grateful to have this sweet spirit in our home.  Babies bring so much joy and yet are so humbling at the same time. 
Peter had his first baby food yesterday.
He seemed anxious to try something a little more solid.
 He did pretty well for his first time.  I think he liked all the kids standing around watching him eat and laughing at his antics.
The kids like his oatmeal mustache:)
Day two went a little better.  My goal tomorrow is get a picture of him smiling.  He is a very smiley, animated baby, but I just haven't been able to capture it with the camera.  As a side note, Peter's hair is very much like Faith's was at this age.
Happy six months, Peter!

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Schramm Family said...

How is he 6 months old already?! Are you sure? Maybe lack of sleep has affected your ability to count? He is so cute! Hope the "real" food helps his mood... I know it helps mine!