Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Team Little Kids

My bigger kids are really awesome.  They are involved in really great activities.  They do and say very interesting, entertaining, inspiring things.  However, they do not wish to be photographed very often and they do not wish for me to write very much about them on this blog.  Apparently they feel they have rights.  Hmmph.
I feel I have rights to record our family history.  I don't think my grandchildren will care very much about their parents' teenage rights, rather they will appreciate reading about their parents adventures as young people.  Maybe I overestimate anyone's interest in reading anything on this blog.
Nevertheless, I feel torn between what I want to do-- record every adorable thing my children ever do and share it with the world, and respecting their wishes for privacy.

So this post is dedicated to "Team Little Kids"
Four of my absolute favorite people on the planet.  My heart can hardly stand to look at this picture because they are so much fun.  And, may I add, they LOVE to see their pictures on the blog!
Team Little Kids are best friends.
They work on school work together.  Here they are working on Lego Story Starter.
They are adventure kids-- they love to climb trees.
They eat together and play games together.  This particular game included Cannon and a Hitler mustache.  To be honest, sometimes I have no idea what games they are playing.
They've been playing a lot of football lately since we've had such spring-like weather for all of February.
A couple weeks ago Cannon finally lost his first tooth during Stake Conference.  It was hard to keep the celebration to a dull roar.
George on a birthday playdate with best buddy Lincon.  Team Little Kids share friends.  Thanks to the family rule, "Everybody gets to play", when anyone has a friend over, everyone is welcome to play.  No excluding.  Period.

Years ago I worked with a Relief Society President who taught me that during any period of your life you will always find equally good and bad things happening.  During the sorest trials, you will also find the sweetest blessings.  I admit these days with Peter are challenging, but look at the blessings of these easy going, best friend playmates.  What a joy they are to me.

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Amy F. said...

Cannon's mustache!! HAHAHA!!! I love our four younger kids as well. I call them my littles. Annie is sort of in between, she still likes to play games with the younger ones, but only sometimes. She's leaning toward teenagery stuff. Exciting, but kind of sad too.