Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Girl Power

Yesterday Elinor and her underwater robotics team competed in the SeaPerch competition at Weber State.  Here is an article that explains a little more about it.  Elinor's team was the lead picture.

I did learn a little something about Elinor from a quote she gave to the reporter.  Here is a bit from the photo gallery: 
 "Rebekah Preston, 11, Elinor Fox, 12, and McKinley Thygerson, 11, of Team Tau does their special secret handshake before competing in the SeaPerch Northern Utah Underwater Competition at Weber State University. Their robot, named Beaver, was built by the team of homeschooled girls who all love science and engineering. Though most of the teams were boys, the girls said it was important for girls to compete in engineering competitions to show that "girls have great ideas too." "We're aren't just going to let the future go into the men's hands." Elinor said.

I had no idea I was raising such a feminist!  Good for her!
They had a great time, although they didn't score particularly well.  Elinor loves her teammates.
The little brothers of the robot gals.  I see some future robot programmers here as well.
 Here is their team poster and robot.
Here is Elinor's bio:  "I really like mechanical and electrical engineering.  I like to design and create.  I want to be able to build things that help others with challenges."
You go, girls!

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