Sunday, March 1, 2015

Update on Peter

A few days ago I laid down a string of complaints about Peter.  Yeah, I feel kind of bad about that.  Because things seem to have drastically improved.  Well, maybe not drastically-- last night was kind of crummy-- but markedly improved.
We finally did buy a white noise/rain/ocean sound/lullaby sound machine for Peter's room.  Yes, it's as fancy as it sounds.  Oh, and it has a little projector and night light as well.  Where has this been all my parenting life?  I thought about buying one when Peter was first born, but I thought if I've made it through six other children without one, then surely I can make it through one more child.  Sometimes frugality is foolishness.  I shouldn't have waited.  My house has never been this loud for a baby to sleep through before.  Anyway, we own one now and it is marvelous and miraculous.  I'm also giving him these teething tablets.  He's been much happier and calmer and I am grateful. 

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Amy F. said...

Cute brothers! I hope you get lots more sleep now!!