Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Clark Broke and Other Family Happenings

Clark came home late from Young Men's basketball last Wednesday night with a hurt ankle.  He could hobble on it-- barely.  He went to bed and although he had heard a "pop" at the moment of injury, we hoped it was just a rolled or sprained ankle.
 We received a phone call from him the next morning, "I can't walk."
Abe went downstairs to help him hop upstairs and head off to the Instacare for an X-ray.
  Sure enough, he fractured the tip of his fibula (skinny leg bone at the ankle).
This is his first broken bone and only the second for our family.  He'll be in this very attractive boot cast for 4-6 weeks.
In other news, George made this lovely bird feeder at his neighborhood preschool.  He is so very proud of it and attached to it.  Now, keep in mind that George is very attached to many things.  And while the bird feeder is a useful thing, George is attached to many things that don't appear to have any value to anyone else in the world.  He is a bit of hoarder.
Bethany and Elinor and I went to a "Freaky Friday" Young Women's activity this evening.  They were supposed to dress like a mom and I was supposed to be a teenager.  What do you think?
Elinor had my beloved chuck wagon dinner bell and was mussed from working in the kitchen.  It was an improvement on the dark circles she had previously put under her eyes to make herself look like she was tired from a lack of sleep.  I preferred she not represent me in such a fashion,  even if that would have been accurate.
Bethany was great with child, with another baby strapped to her back.  I must make motherhood look pretty glamorous!
We had too much fun at the girls' spring choir concert Saturday night. 
When the choir sang alone they did some modern gospel songs-- complete with swaying and clapping.  Not your average LDS Primary songs!  But really beautiful and inspiring.
As wonderful as the choir was, the acapella group Voice Male really stole the show with a most entertaining concert following the choir.  They sang "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" together and then the choir go to go sit down with their families and enjoy Voice Male.  So, so funny. 

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Amy F. said...

I actually laughed out loud at the Freaky Friday picture!!! That sounds like a fun activity! You are looking so young and hip!! Their interpretation of motherhood, is sadly kinda accurate. :)