Saturday, April 25, 2015

Eating Our Way Around the World

The world showcase at Epcot is a big circle around a lake with many different countries represented with restaurants and buildings in the style of each country.  The first of the two nights we went there, Andrea and I enjoyed fish and chips from England.  Yes, you heard that right, I enjoyed eating fish.  What is this world coming to?
We had such a great time and we thought what fun it would be to come back and eat our way around the world.  We would buy one thing from each country and share it. 
So we did it on our last night of our trip.
Canada was the first country, but because we didn't find anything to eat there, we drank water from a water fountain in Canada.  I'm quite sure Canada is, in fact, known for it's pristine and delicious water.
Next up was England.  We got more fish and chips, but forgot to take a picture.  So you get a picture from a previous day.
Macaroons in France.  Oh la la!
We had quite a silly time taking selfies in each country.
Lamb shawarma in Morocco.  I know, so adventurous of us, right?  Actually, this was the tastiest food of the whole evening.
Then it was onto sushi in Japan.  SUSHI!!!
That is correct, I ate salmon sushi and it was not awful. 
Bethany considered it, but in the end couldn't bring herself to partake. 
Funnel cake in America-- yummy!
Gelato in Italy.  Reminds me of the black cat my family owned in Italy.  It's name was "Gelato il Gutter Gato"-- translated to Ice cream the Gutter Cat.
Sauerkraut and Bratwurst in Germany.  This one was hard for me.  I do not like sauerkraut.  I do not like it, Sam-I-Am.
An egg roll in China. 
A sweet pretzel in Norway.  I like Peter's face in this picture:)
We finished it off with non-alchoholic margaritas in Mexico. 
This was a magical evening and I think it was my very favorite of the whole trip.

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Amy F. said...

I LOVE Epcot!! So fun! Peter wants a pretzel. :)