Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Faith's Mad Scientist Birthday Party

Faith turned nine years old last month and we celebrated with a Mad Scientist Birthday party.  For someone who didn't really enjoy science growing up, I will just say that I did a pretty great job of planning experiments and making science fun!  I suppose I've learned a thing or two from homeschooling!
We're funny to a nine year-old.  Horrifying to a 14 year-old.  It's understandable.
The mad scientists were divided up into groups and rotated through the experiment stations.  I taught the "Sink or Swim" station.  They made guesses in their notebooks of whether different object would sink or swim and then we tested their hypothesis.   They were surprised that the apple, banana, and orange all floated.
 In "It's Electric" they experimented with static electricity.
They had to rub the balloon on their hair and then use it to move the empty soda can without touching the can. 
Static electricity is just fun.
For "Design-a-Bridge" they attempted to build a bridge of toothpicks and gummy bears.  I did see them nibbling on a few gummy bears as well.  Cannon took his role of mad scientist very seriously.
"Magnetic Attraction" was a popular station.  We just discovered really cool magnet building toys called Goobi.  I highly recommend them.
Once again, Cannon is creepy.
 Their lab coats were just discarded men's dress shirts-- genius! 
Well, not my genius, but someone on the internet was genius.
 Beautiful birthday girl.  Because The Wizard of Oz play was the weekend of her actual birthday, we had to wait until the next weekend and squeeze in the party just before we left for our Phoenix trip.  Busy couple of weeks!
These kids all got a scientist kit when they arrived.  It contained their lab coat, safety glasses, notebook and pen for making observations, and a couple of test tubes full of m&ms.  The invitation for the party was delivered in a test tube as well.
Then came the time to make slime.  Elmer's glue, borax and water.  You can't go wrong with slime.
This group chose to make purple slime.
We couldn't skip the classic erupting volcano.
They weren't too fancy, but I was pretty proud of my artistic skill (that's a phrase I don't say very often!) in building and painting my volcanoes.
Dr. George makes me happy.
This one worked his brain so hard it started oozing out of his ear.
Abe is the best entertainment at a kid's birthday party. 
Just a few more pictures that I like.
The professors teaching at the stations.
 I really enjoy working with all the kids planning birthday parties.  Everyone helps with ideas and decorating and planning and it really becomes a family project.  Clark hung balloons for us and Bethany did the artwork on the signs.
I am grateful Faith has so many wonderful, sweet friends-- most of whom live in our neighborhood.
Cannon really got into the mad scientist character.  Since returning from our trip, he has donned his lab coat and glasses again and is taking science notes and observations in his notebook.
Happy Birthday, Faith!  You are a joy to our family and to all who know you.


Amy F. said...

I am sure that any kid who gets an invite to your parties feels like they got the winning lottery ticket!! Too. Much. Fun. You guys are amazing!

Resonant Brain said...

I am a male, and I ordered womens labs coats from figs, which were meant for women. I really don't know the difference between men and women's clothing but so far nobody has laughed at me so I think I'm set!