Sunday, April 26, 2015

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Don't feel too sorry for the people left behind while we went to Orlando.  Abe still worked, but with his flexible schedule, he was able to spend a lot of time with these little people and they lived it up!
This was the Sunday dinner on the day we left.  Please note they actually set the table-- true, it is with paper and plastic, but that totally counts.  And, they have a fruit to go with it.  I think this might have been the only real sit-down meal in my absence, but it makes me feel better knowing they can do it.
They went to Thanksgiving Point to the Museum of Curiosity-- a favorite destination.
They were daring and adventurous!
In the wind chamber.  We have had a Thanksgiving Point membership this year as part of Cannon's science class and we've made good use of it.  This week I plan to go to the Tulip Festival-- something I've been wanting to do for about five years. 
They got slurpees and then sent me this picture via text while we were at one of the parks on a very hot day.  I actually had a moment of jealousy.
Abe enjoyed driving the choir bus Monday afternoon -- which is all the kids in our neighborhood who sing in the children's choir.
Favorite picture of the week-- Elinor after stealing and sliding into home!
As amazing as Abe is, he couldn't be two places at once, so Grandma and Grandpa Cannon came to be with Cannon at his choir concert.
He is in the middle of the second row of the Prep choir.
Beautiful Elinor baked a cake while I was gone.
I almost cried when Abe sent a picture of how she decorated it.....
I was missing them right about then as well.
And because we need another snake like we need a hole in the head, when some neighbors offered us this beautiful ball python for free, we couldn't refuse.  After the very unfortunate incident in the summer of 2012 when I accidentally caused the death of Clark's most beloved snake, Ledge, I have a hard time refusing him a snake.
They played in sprinklers on the trampoline the day after a snowstorm.  I probably wouldn't have encouraged such an activity, but I was off galavanting all over Florida, so I didn't get a say:)
Nor would I have encouraged Cannon to wear a bolo tie to church.  However, Abe took them all to church so I will keep my comments to myself.  I'm glad they went to church.
We were most happily reunited the following Sunday evening.
Elinor handed the snake over to Clark.
Souvenirs were distributed--A Spiderman notebook and pen for George.
An R2D2 football for Cannon.
A Mickey Mouse softball necklace for Faith.
And of course, Elinor's wand from Olivander's-- willow with a unicorn hair core.  What joy!
All in all, Abe is a pretty awesome dad, they are seriously rocking kids,  no one was injured and the house was not too much worse for the wear.

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Amy F. said...

Isn't it wonderful when husbands take over for a bit? Sure, the house is a mess when you get back, but it is worth it and it is fun to appreciate your kids again after missing them. :)