Friday, April 3, 2015

Phoenix Day Two

Competition begins!  There are a total of 74 qualifying matches and we were one of the six teams in the first match of the day.  We are making the X sign of Prototype X (the team name).  Spirits were high as we settled in for a long, loud day.
This was when they were doing so well in their first match.  I wish it wasn't so blurry, but you can feel the excitement!
McKinley, Elinor, and Sariah.  They are the middle siblings group and they take care of themselves at these events.
George and Kate insisted on sitting by one another throughout the day.  George shared his treasures he collected from the pits.
I love this picture of London just before driving the robot for a match.  So focused.  The drive team did a phenomenal job today-- so consistent and cool and collected under pressure.
Clark manning the pit while the drive team is getting ready for a match.
Cannon and Anders even made up a Prototype X dance .
In jokingly trying to make up for yesterday's selfie gone wrong, Andrea and I tried again.  Please tell me this is not what I look like in real life.  But that is the sweetest little photo bomber I've ever seen.
Abe, I love you more than I can say, but you are the scariest photo bomber I've ever seen.  In my defense, I was laughing really hard.  I need a selfie stick.  We did see people using those at the Grand Canyon.
We paid Clark a little visit in the pit.  Once again, it might embarrass him, but I am so proud of him and his hard work and dedication to his team.  I feel so grateful for him to have this opportunity.
It's a nice robot.  I believe it's name is Excidium.
Peter has been such a happy little sweetheart.  After the first months of his life being somewhat challenging, it is so wonderful to enjoy his many smiles and snuggles while we just hold him all day.  Just a squishy bundle of yummy baby.  And today his first tooth broke through!
He's delicious!
Two five stacks is what the robot consistently did in all of their qualification matches today.  Three more matches tomorrow and then alliance selections and then hopefully onto the finals.
Robot moms of the world UNITE!
 Grand Canyon University, the location of this regional, hosted a teams social with pizza for dinner.  The team in blue behind us were the reason I had to go locate some ear plugs for Peter and I halfway through the day.  They were very enthusiastic cheerers.  Good for them, but I was much more comfortable only hearing them at half volume.
I'll leave you with this little pearl of wisdom from the man in charge of the pit and pit safety.  
Inspiring-- with a charming smirk to go with it.

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