Sunday, April 12, 2015

Softball Season Begins 2015

Softball season is here again!  After a hiatus last year, Faith, Elinor, and Bethany are all playing this year-- and on three different teams, so that makes it even more exciting to get everyone when and where they are supposed to be .  And joy of joys, Faith and her cousin Takara are on the same team!  Faith isn't wearing her official shirt in this picture because there was a mix up, but she has it now.
Her first up at bat she got a hit and got on base.  She's also been playing shortstop and has made some great throws to first base.
Want to hear something CRAZY?  There is talk amongst our family that the curse might finally be broken.  The curse is that any team our children play on for any sport will be a losing team.  And losing by a lot.  Elinor and Bethany's teams have both creamed the other teams in the first couple of games.  We don't take much if any credit for the successes, but I'm afraid we do rather blame ourselves for the losses.  We don't really care-- rather we think it's kind of funny-- but it does feel good to win for once.
Bethany's first game was on a very rainy evening.  In the past they've cancelled games over much less, but they went forward.  The outcome of this at bat was not stellar, but Bethany is enjoying the girls on her team and learning a new sport.
Someday our children will thank their father for his picture taking.
Bethany is playing in the 14 and under league.  Elinor is 12 and under and Faith is in 8 and under.  It is your age as of January 1st.

I'm sure I've said it in years past, but I love softball season.  It has nothing to do with winning or losing.  A little bit to do with the actual sport-- I do enjoy playing and watching softball.  But mostly, I love getting outside-- enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells, and just sitting and watching.  The other kids are old enough to play at the playground and ride scooters around the ball fields.  I can sit with Peter and not worry about my messy house or getting things done.  And a hot dog fresh off the grill at a ballgame is one of the tastiest pleasures in this world. 

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Amy F. said...

What a fun way to kick off spring!! None of our kids has ever done softball. It would be fun to watch one of their games sometime!