Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cannon Turns Seven

Cannon does "Blue Steel".
Happy birthday to one of the most wildly entertaining people I've ever met.  He is now seven years old, but seems much older.  A couple of weeks ago he and I stayed home from church because both he and Peter were not feeling well.  We had a little photo shoot.
He is very in touch with his emotions.  Can someone get this kid an agent?
He loves to learn about science-- here are a few "Science Facts" he wrote while reading a science book.
Good stuff.
And being the Renaissance Man that he is, he also sings.  This was a couple of months ago.

Here's a story.  Faith purchased these squirt guns with her own money for Cannon for his birthday.  I know it's not really polite to say how much a gift cost, but these were about eight guns for less than three dollars.  But this is the reaction he gave.
 Next he opened this gift from Abe and I.  And I quote, "Oh, a Zombie Strike gun...well, hooray."
I thought it would be a bigger hit than it was.  At one point I think I heard him say it was lame.  I questioned him and he said, "No, Mom, it's (air quotes) "Lame".  That means it's not lame.
It's what he wanted.  I think my children just ask for a remote control something when they don't know what to ask for.  Perhaps I should direct their attentions elsewhere.
One of the absolute worst renditions of "Happy Birthday" ever.  Truthfully, I don't think we even finished the song.  The song just died a slow, horrible, moaning death.
It was so bad, that I demanded a do-over, in nice voices.  That turned somewhat operatic.  However, it was an improvement.
Elinor spent a long time today making him a camoflauge cake.  It was quite the work of art.
How blessed we are to have Cannon in our lives.  Happy birthday to the Happy Chappy.

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