Saturday, May 9, 2015

End of Preschool

George absolutely loved being a part of a neighborhood preschool this year.  We had our end of year party a couple weeks ago and it was such fun for the kids.  I've heard of finger painting, but this was my first time seeing foot painting.
We have benefited from the energy, creativity, and organization of the younger moms.
Moms and siblings got to tag along as well.  Faith and Cannon were so excited to join the fun-- seeing as how they were deprived of the preschool experience themselves.
We've had such a warm spring that kids were running through sprinklers and playing with squirt guns.
George and best buddy Lincon. George will turn five this summer and "start" kindergarten this fall.  How can this be? I'm glad he has good little friends in the neighborhood.'

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Amy F. said...

Those kids are lucky to have such good, creative moms!