Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hope For a Brighter Day

Elinor is twelve years old and she is wonderful.  She is a voracious reader.  She loves doing her computer programming class.  She has delightful friends.  She excels at piano.  She loves to bake. She is kind, smart, thoughtful, patient, a daydreamer.  She is a joy to me and all who know her.
But there was a time when she wasn't so happy.  And neither was I.
You wouldn't know it from this doll-like picture of her at seven months, but she was not a happy baby.  Please don't think ill of me, but I don't look back fondly on her first year.  There was a lot of crying on both our parts.  I refer to that time period as my "dark time".  No matter what I did, I couldn't make her happy and it wasn't until she was past a year and much more independent that she chilled out.  And chill out she did!  She developed into a very mild mannered toddler and preschooler and her elementary years have been very happy. 
And that very thought is giving me a great deal of hope right now.  I'm struggling with my little Peter.  I can't seem to figure him out.   He is very similar to Elinor as a baby, only harder because he doesn't sleep.  He doesn't sleep through the night and only for snippets during the day.  He'll have a good couple of days, and I'll think we've turned a corner and then WHAM!  It's something new that is bugging him.  He is tense and determined and has a very strong will.  Great personality traits in the long run-- difficult baby traits! 
So while parenting a baby is ever more challenging as I'm older and busier, I am grateful to now have the advantage of a bit more experience.  I am telling myself not to worry-- this time will pass and there are brighter days ahead with my Sweet Pete. 

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Amy F. said...

I feel for you!! All of my kids were terrible sleepers, literally not sleeping more than 3 hours consecutively for the first year and a half. I was a walking zombie for 11 years. ;) Which is one of the reasons we are done having kids. Peter is too cute though!!