Thursday, May 14, 2015

Oh, Grow Up!

Do you know what I think is fun?  Adults acting like children when there are no children around.
Sometimes it is just so exhausting being the responsible adult all the time.
Andrea's birthday party was tasty dinner followed by laser gun battles throughout her rather sizable home.  Yes, it was as much fun as you might imagine.
In our house a laser gun battle is fast and furious.  In a space this large, it's more like laser guns meets hide and seek.  And it's kind of freaky.  By the third round I just hid. 
This won't come as news to anyone, but Abe is so much fun to play with.  If you want to have a great party-- invite Abe!  
A very enjoyable evening with very enjoyable friends.

Alas, the fun and games did come to an end.
But look what glories awaited me at home--
Life's responsibilities have some perks.
Is there anything more beautiful than sleeping children?
Yet another reason why separate bedrooms, much less separate beds, are not necessary for children. 
This beautiful robin's nest is in a tree in our backyard.  The robin is understandable very territorial and squawks at backyard intruders.  I don't know how long robins live, but I do wonder if "The Angry Bird" of a couple of summers ago has returned.  
A friend and I trade piano lessons for one of her children for sewing lessons for Faith.  At Faith's last lesson she sewed this bag for George.  She had previously  made one similar for herself and he really wanted one.  And as I've mentioned, George really treasures his belongings and collects as many treasures as he can.  He was so happy to get this bag made especially for him.
Bethany had her final orchestra concert of the year this past week.  Here is a  three minute video of their finale.  Makes me feel like eating some beef!

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