Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Big Fat Greek Date

For many years now, a highlight of our trip to Spokane is a date with Jesse and Amy without children.  They wouldn't call themselves "foodies", but they definitely have better food tastes than we do.  For Abe and I our idea of going out to eat is to find a restaurant that we like and only frequent that restaurant for about six months.  We don't just go to the same place, but we order the exact same thing each time we go.  That way, on the rare occasions we go out, we're sure to like where we go.  Not very adventurous, but we both like it.
Jesse and Amy have more varied tastes and like searching out the best "hole-in-the-wall" eating establishments.  I think they are much more interesting people to be friends with than we are.
And we were the beneficiaries last night because we had a very enjoyable and tasty time at this little Greek restaurant in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.
Peter Jesse Fox with his Uncle Jesse.
We have years and years of pictures of Bethany and Julia together.  They are one day apart and both as lovely as could be.
Bethany and Talitha and Julia talk about all being roommates at college together.  Talitha is a sweetheart and I'd love to take her home with me and claim her as our own!

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