Thursday, June 25, 2015

Snapshots of Life

Here are pictures Abe or I have snapped with our phones over the last couple of weeks.  None of them are high quality, but they make me smile and I want to remember them.  Here George was getting into the spirit of Operation: Tidy-Up.  He decided to "organize" his pins from robotics competitions.  Now remember that George is rather a hoarder who truly treasures his treasures.  Out of 75+ buttons, he could only part with about 4 of them.  Baby steps.
 Pay no mind to the filthy sliding glass door.  The kids were outside playing a little game of softball when Peter saw them and crawled over to the window.  I loved the picture of them waving to the Peter like he was an exotic animal in a zoo exhibit.  Peter loved it.
Faith went to work with Abe one day and he traded a half-gallon of apple juice for Faith to have a turn on this fun contraption.
She felt right at home flipping through the air.
While Clark and Bethany were gone to EFY last week, I took the Team Little Kids and Elinor to the local public pool for swimming.  Faith and Cannon both braved the high dive for the first time and George is still an excellent swimmer, except that he doesn't come up and breathe.  Room for progress.
My goodness!  Look who is climbing the stairs!  As of the last few days he is pulling himself into a standing position on couches and chairs.  This seems very advanced for one of our children.
Abe helping George get dressed for church on Father's Day.
Abe with the two littlest boys on Father's Day.
More fun with the little boys while Clark and Bethany were at EFY.  This is a fun park at Daybreak.
Hanging with the Littles and our neighbor Ben at Elinor's volleball games on Saturday.
Adorable little ladies walking the halls before church a few weeks back.
Elinor drew a very flattering picture of me in her math book.  She desperately wants a dog, but until I can do a better job of keeping my children fed and groomed, we are not getting a dog.  That is a picture of me riding the husky dog that she will never get.  I love my angry eyes in the drawing.
This is a pretty cool map Clark has slaved over for many hours.  He drew it by hand and it is map to the world that he's created and written quite extensively about.  Think Lord of the Rings.  Perhaps Clark is the next J.R.R. Tolkien. 
Here were Clark and Bethany off to EFY.  They had a really wonderful week and Abe and I enjoyed them coming home each evening and telling us all about it.  They are good kids that way.  And I suppose for homeschoolers, it's a novelty to be gone all day and actually have something to tell about your day that your parents don't already know!

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