Monday, June 29, 2015

Spokane Pictures Run Amock

These are all pictures of our time here in Spokane and I realize they probably aren't that interesting to anyone but us, and maybe Grandma Fox.  I do at times wonder if my whole blog is a really great way to preserve our family history, or if it is just a self-centered self-indulgence.  Should my time be spent more wisely?  I can say for certain that posting on here is therapeutic and relaxing to me.  Of course, so is going to a spa, but that could be taken to extremes.  Either way this is my blog, it's free to create and it makes me feel happy.   These times in Spokane with dear family are happy times we definitely want to remember.  So, here goes!
Abe and Elinor's traditional four-wheeler ride.
Peter's first four-wheeler ride-- it was very slow on the grass.
Clark and Alexis-- They are so grown up and enjoyable to be with.
(Abe comment: This is now one of my ALL-TIME Favorite PICS!!!)
Watching movies at Grandma's.
Abe and Faith playing checkers.
Elinor and Annie making caramels.
We treasure this time with Dad.  Summer is especially busy with his work schedule, so this is a real treat to have uninterrupted time.
Playing a little baseball with a nifty foam bat and ball we purchased at the local Wal-Mart.
Cute little Georgie learning to hit.
Cannon caught a pop-fly.
According to Grandma's fancy weight and height scale, Abe still has an inch on Clark.  This picture would suggest the scale was generous to Abe.
I kind of know (not very deep down inside) that I shouldn't post this picture.  I know that at least one of these boys will not be happy about this picture.  Is it so very wrong of me?  I can't help myself.
Grandma's big tub and huge rubber ducks are looked forward to every year.  Forgive me, children.
We went to church with Grandma and Grandpa Fox and Peter promptly fell asleep with his hands folded neatly in his lap.
Why another family picture?
Why not?

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Amy F. said...

I in addition to Grandma Fox, like your blog posts, but since my family is in a lot of these photos too-I'm guilty of indulgence as well. :) I like that you took a photo of your fam. all ready for church and the cute 3 bath-boys!