Saturday, June 13, 2015

They Are the Champions?

Well, I guess they won?
Elinor's team did in fact win the 12 and under league for softball, but it was done in a most anti-climactic way.  If they had won their first game of the evening, that would have done it, but they lost.  So the two teams had to play again (double elimination-- now both teams had lost once).  The two teams were tied in the second game at 2-2 when it was getting too dark.  So of all lame things-- they tossed a coin to see who would "win" the championship.  We won.  How exciting.
I mean, it is exciting, but it didn't feel very exciting to the crowd.
However, as this picture suggests, Elinor was very excited and can't wait to play again next year.
A good reminder.
Good job, Elinor!  We enjoyed watching you play. And your younger siblings enjoyed getting treats from the Snack Shack while you played. 

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