Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Roller Valley and Temple Day

Faith was so happy to have cousin Eliza from Kansas arrive in time for Roller Valley!
George with Calvin and Asher.  I understand they were known as the sock-runner gang-- presumably because they were running around in their socks.  They would sit on the wall and give high-fives to the family as they skated by.
George did not love roller skating, but we made it around a couple of times.
You had to be wearing a gray shirt to sit at this table.  Or be a teenager.  Or be really cute.  For obvious reasons I was not invited to pull up a chair.
The sister-in-laws catching up.  Today is Tiffany's (bottom left) birthday.  There was yet another, worse than ever, Fox family rendition of "Happy Birthday".  Pretty impressive, but not in a good way.
If you notice Elinor in the green shirt on the right she is holding a bag of ice on her arm.  She hurt her wrist running into a wall to slow herself down.  We did take her afterwards for an x-ray and fortunately it is not broken.  
Not the whole gang, but a pretty good representation.  I just noticed Cannon's face front and center in the navy blue shirt.  What will he think of this stage of his life when he looks back at his pictures?  This is the face he's making in a pretty much all his pictures these days.
Uncle Phil with Edra and Peter.
The youth temple trip to the Spokane Temple.
Bethany with twin cousins, Lindsey and Lauryn.
Annie, Everett, Elinor and Gentri at Dairy Queen after the temple-- Grandpa's treat!
It is so interesting to see how the dynamic of the family changes every few years as the babies turn into toddlers and the little kids into teenagers.  And of course the former teenagers are now getting married and going on missions.  Such is life.
And you think a car full of little kids is loud!


Nathan Fox said...

Awesome pictures and captions! I almost feel like I was there enjoying it all! The sock runner gang is adorable. The sister-in-law pic is another favorite- I so enjoy being with you all, and feeling the support of fellow dedicated mothers. I LOVE the group shot at the roller rink. Such a fantastic family! Edra and Peter are darling, and Phil is an awesome uncle; he's great with the little ones- as are all the fox brothers. Fantastic photos of all the equally fantastic teenagers- they come from good stock! Thanks so much Betsy, for blogging!
(Not sure who I'm logged in as, so I'm signing off with my name to be sure.)

Amy F. said...

You are so good at taking pictures and documenting life! Love all of it!!