Saturday, July 11, 2015

The MAN-Child Turns 16

Clark turned 16 this week and I'm just going to say it... I'm rather pleased with the young man he is becoming.  I enjoy him.  I like him.  While not perfect (none of us are), he works hard and tries to make good choices.  He sets a good example and is respectful and obedient.  He teases less often than he used to (that's something!)  He's creative and determined.  Clark is entertaining and fun.  There were times in his younger years that he was not always so agreeable, and when I thought a mission couldn't come soon enough!  The older he gets, the slower I'd like time to go.  He's darn right pleasant to have around!
He got a gift card to an ice cream shop to go on a date.  And speaking of dates...
Abe had this horribly, awful idea (which turned out to be a marvelously wonderful idea) that we would go on a double date with our children for their first dates.  Clark was the guinea pig.  He was hesitant to have us along and reasonably so... we can be embarrassing.  I understand.
But it was a very enjoyable evening and Abe and I tried so very hard to behave ourselves.
And Oh, my word!  Could she have been any more darling?  I don't think so.  May I just say that Clark has excellent taste in girls!  Smart, confident, down-to-earth, beautiful.  I'll say not more, because I've probably already said too much.  We went to dinner at Pizzeria Limone, then to see The Little Mermaid at Hale Center Theater.  Dinner and a play-- pretty much my favorite kind of date.
Clark requested his favorite-- baked potato soup for his birthday dinner and frozen lemon pie for dessert.  This was our last day with Alexis and Julia before they left for EFY and we enjoyed having Grandma and Grandpa with us at church for Clark's ordination to become a priest.  It was a very good day.
He will take drivers ed the first couple of weeks in August and then we'll have another driver in the family.  While I don't look forward to the expense of insuring a male teenage driver, I do look forward to have another driver in the family.
However, I don't feel he appreciates the vehicle options we have to offer him-- a huge white prison van or a beat up old minivan.  Gee, it's so hard to choose.  Humility is a virtue, right?

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