Monday, July 6, 2015


Our family reunion in Spokane frequently prevents our being in town for Fourth of July celebrations, but this year we hurried home so we could join in the fun at home. 
The police motorcycles made Peter a little nervous.  To be honest, the motorcycles turning in very close proximity to the children make me a little nervous too.
Brigham, George, and Cannon waiting for the candy haul.  We had heard rumor that they were no longer permitted to throw candy from the floats and trucks, but happily that was not the case.  There was, in fact, plenty of candy (most of which my kids didn't like), but the fun is in the collecting.
George receiving a sheriff sticker from Sheriff Jim Winder himself. 
For a collector/hoarder such as George, the parade is a paradise!
Clark and Bethany enjoyed walking with the Bluffdale Arts Council and the Guys and Dolls Cast.
The younger kids were so excited to see the big kids.
 Oh my goodness, I just love the parade!  It's always July 3rd at 6:30 pm.  Abe really hooked us up this year by setting up one of his Winder tents so we were comfy in the shade.  Well, the shade and cooler full of popsicles.  We've learned a few tricks over the years.
Peter is finally all better from his sickness on our trip, but he did get a little too skinny.  We'll have to fatten him back up.

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Amy F. said...

That looks like an awesome parade! You guys look like you have a great set up with the chairs/tent and even Popsicles! Thanks again for letting Alexis and Julia experience this with you!!