Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Like Father, Like Son

When Abe was a teenager he enjoyed organizing and hosting murder mystery parties.  We still have all the boxes of the murder mystery games he collected over the years.
Confession:  I have tried to throw these games out numerous times.
In the most recent "Great Purge of 2015", I reminded my family that NO ONE had used them in about 15 years and they were just taking up space.  Abe rescued them from the DI pile and gave them to Clark for save keeping in his room in the basement-- where I wouldn't find them.
I admit, I'm glad he did, because Clark used "The Last Train From Paris" this evening for a big, fun group date.
Clark and I went on a date to DI yesterday to help him pick out his outfit to be a British Pilot in the 1940s.  I'm pretty sure his outfit is not historically accurate, but we had so much fun.  And, it was the first time Clark actually enjoyed clothing shopping with me.  EVER.
The Young Men in our ward have a funny thing of wearing ugly blazers from DI.  Now he's in the club with this little baby.  But this isn't the worst.  Truthfully, the worst is an absolutely hideous baby blue sports coat, that really would be a little too sacrilegious for church, but may someday make an appearance elsewhere.  We thought it was fantastic and well worth the $8 price tag.  There was a special little blue tie to go with it.
Here is the group.  The guys are all on the robotics team together and a couple of the girls knew each other.  Clark's date was a gal in our stake.
As you can see, our home was not the location of the evening's festivities.  They did it at London's house and London and Jacob's moms (and my good friends) Andrea and Adrianne made them dinner and helped serve.  I feel a little bad about that because I suggested Clark just go buy some chips and dip.  That would have been in poor form and not impressive to the ladies.
Thank you, Andrea and Adrianne.
 I should have gone to help out, just so I could be a fly on the wall and observe.  Opportunities to spy observe your child on a date are few and far between.
 Clark's eyeliner mustache was the inspiration for Cannon's artistic facial hair in a previous post.

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Amy F. said...

I'm just impressed he's dating, but this is over the top! I suppose he is Abe, "the dating machine's" son, so I shouldn't be surprised. Looks like they had a blast!