Wednesday, August 12, 2015

One-Year Celebration!

PETER TURNED ONE!  WE SURVIVED HIS FIRST YEAR!!!!   This is a true cause for celebration.  I'm just gonna say it... It was rough.  All of my babies have really mellowed on or before their first birthday, so I feel quite confident Peter has smoother waters ahead.  He is finally onto a somewhat predictable eating and napping schedule-- only about nine months late.  He is, however, still quite picky about food and gags very easily.
He was not impressed with his cupcake.
He knocked it out of the way.
We tried to interest him with a taste of frosting.
 No deal.
The kids smeared a bit of frosting on his face to make it look like he went to town, but it was a charade!
They even stuck his finger in it.  He still wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.  He entertained us by jabbering and talking about the cupcake... well, we assume that's what he was talking about.
My sister and her kids and Naomi (our English Auntie) came over to celebrate.  We had a little luau.  And by luau, I mean we had plastic leis, toothpick umbrellas for our drinks and cupcakes and Hawaiian haystack to eat. 
As I've mention time and again to anyone who has listened to me whine over the past year, Peter has been a handful.  He's intense and strong-willed and reminds me of his oldest brother who shares many of his traits.  But I've also seen the amazing qualities that come along with such a personality.  He will do remarkable things, and certainly won't be left behind in our large family.  We love him so much.  He loves to give high fives and fist bumps.  He loves to give hugs to all the kids before his naptime.  He loves to climb up and down stairs.
Naomi is just a little bit popular round these parts.  Children (young and old) adore her.
  The kids enjoyed a little bit of American Ninja Warrior while eating their birthday ice cream.
Happy birthday, Sweet Pete.
George's nickname for Peter is Peeto the Cheeto.
Abe calls him P.J. (Peter Jesse)
I like to call him Pete-Heart.
Sometimes we call him Stinky Pete.
We love him and are so very grateful to have him a part of our family.

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