Saturday, October 31, 2015

Abe and I Should Just Have Our Own Party

Clark and Bethany invited a few friends over for a Halloween party Thursday night.  Abe and I talked about staying out of the way.  We talked about not embarrassing our children.  I planned to make them food and then let them be.

But we couldn't really help ourselves.  They were having so much fun.  We wanted to be a part of it.  I like to think we were "helpful" in organizing games. But I fear that is wishful thinking.
Next year, we'll just have our own adult party.  Then our children can get revenge and lurk around trying to get in on our games.
To begin with, Abe dressed as a creepy butler.  Well, like we're going to host a Halloween party and not dress up!
I was Amelia Earhart-- or some other female Aviator.  Not too shabby for last minute.
London and Raven in fine form.
London and Clark
Ben and his seriously disturbing marionette puppet.  He was asked to put it away by several of the guests.
Abe, Breanna and Yoda
 Adorable Corrine
Lisa and Raven
Cameron as Ron Weasly and Steve as a cop.  When Steve showed up, I admit I had a moment of alarm- why is there a cop at the party?
Nikki and Robin Hood
There are no words.
Emma and Heather
They played a fun "Battle of the Sexes" game.  For the record, the boys won.
They played several games that were hysterical, but I ask you, are you ever too old for musical chairs?  I loved Bryson sending Nikki flying in this picture.  So gentlemanly.
This isn't a picture of it, but the last round ended in a wrestling match over the chair on the floor.  
A pretty fun game called "Samuri" or "Hu-wah!"  You'll notice Cannon in many of the pictures, he was hanging with the big dogs in all of the games.  Someone forgot to tell him he was only seven and these were all teenagers.  I don't think he was one whit behind them.
This game is probably more fun to listen to than to watch. 
As you miss your cues or mess up the rhythm of the game you get out and the circle gets smaller.
There was mafia at the end.
The D&D boys ate doughnuts on a string.
It got a little ugly-- and messy.
The evening really was a lot of fun and I'm quite impressed with this great group of young people.  But I am serious about an adult party next year!

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Amy F. said...

You always know how to have fun!!