Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bacon Wednesday

Abe has started a tradition for our family-- Bacon Wednesday!  He works a farmers market on Tuesday evening where he trades some apple juice for bacon.   He takes most of the day off on Wednesdays, since he usually works on Saturdays.  We love cold cereal more than most families, but it is quite lovely to have a delicious hot breakfast once a week.
We had a really fun kid's book club this past Wednesday.  We read The Great Brain and fortunately we had beautiful weather so we played a lot of games outside.
We played Kick the Can, which, actually, I've never played before.  Because we don't have a lot of hiding places in our backyard, Abe set up a lot of his work tables as barricades for hiding.  The patio was "jail".
I love this picture of my nephew Brigham, who has been a little slow to warm up to book club.  He victoriously kicked the can in the last round.
Our next game was "Indian Squaw Wrestling" or just plain leg wrestling.  This was actually really a lot of fun for everyone.
There was a lot of screaming and cheering.
We were all rather surprised when sweet, soft-spoken Gracie creamed the competition and was the clear champion.
Our fall break week wrapped up with a very fun date with Abe and a couple of friends to the BYU football game Friday night.  We scored the tickets from friends who were out of town.  Notice the marching band in the background!
I do watch the game and pay attention to what's going on, but I confess, that fun of going to a football game is watching the people and thinking about how the culture of college football games came to be the way it is.  
 Bethany had a great experience this week, although I quite missed her.  She and and her orchestra did a "you tube retreat".  They stayed at Timp Lodge for two nights and for three days they filmed you tube videos at various locations.  I'll post links when they come out.  

This week has been a nice break, but I am looking forward to being back on schedule next week.  

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