Monday, October 12, 2015

Family Dinner

Sunday night we had a family dinner with my brother's family (Matt and Misty) who were here visiting from Washington state.  Those are their two angelic daughters on the left.
My sister and her family and my parents joined us as well.  And although they are both local, it was so very enjoyable to be together.
The cousins all got along and played games outside.
Because my brothers live far away, it is not a regular occurrence to all be together.  I am SO excited for Christmas this year because both of my brothers' families will be here in Utah!!  I am so sure my mom, who passed away over 14 years ago, is so happy to see her children genuinely treasuring the time we have together.
Of course there was time for the young people to exhibit their talents.
One of the really fun things about having Matt and Misty's family with us is seeing how much Faith and Rosalie look alike.  Their baby and toddler pictures are so strikingly similar, and with the exception of their eye color, they still look like little twins.
On that note, we got our old family pictures out of when Matt was young and we noticed a strong resemblance between Matt and our little George.
My children could not love their Aunt Misty any more!  She is so good to them and they adore her.
I won't like it, but I guess I can survive another two months before we see each other again.

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