Thursday, October 1, 2015

French Fries and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Clark has a drivers license.  He has a job making pizzas.  He has gone on dates with girls (very cute girls, I might add).  He does hard school subjects like physics, pre-calculus, and Speech and Debate.  Life is good when you're sixteen and get a taste of independence.  But I'm happy to say that late on a Saturday night, he and The Geek Squad still gather in the basement and play D&D.  These are great guys, and they've grown up quite a bit in the last four or five years.
A couple of these guys aren't in the first picture, although they are still regular players.  They're so young!  Puberty has been good to them.
OH MY GOSH, MOM!  You are so embarrassing!
So sorry.  I'll move on to a child I can't embarrass.. yet.
I love this picture too, too much.  First of all, Peter is smiling!  He is happy!  Peter has had a pretty good week thus far.  He went to a check-up Dr. appointment yesterday afternoon, where, for the first time when the Dr. asked if I had any concerns about my baby-- I actually said YES!  I have concerns!
I am still concerned about his digestive system.  Since taking him off all diary milk and dairy products, he has improved immensely.  However, his little system still doesn't seem quite right to me.  The Dr. gave some advice to try to calm an inflammed intestinal lining.
The French Fry Diet.
For a few days he is to eat a starchy, high-fat diet.
I know!  Don't you wish this was proscribed for you?
My reaction exactly!
He can eat more than just fries, but he wasn't complaining.
Here are more pics of Pete, just because.  He can now stand up on his own, unassisted by any furniture.  You'd think that would mean he's close to walking,  But I remind you, he is one of our children, and no Fox baby walks before they are 100% sure footed.  This is usually around 15+ months.  The upside is not a lot of bonked heads.  The downside is super dirty knees and feet.
We enjoyed Peter at the park last week.  As he has been much more manageable since the milk allergy discovery a couple weeks ago, we've enjoyed taking him more places than we ever dared before.  Abe and I actually took him to a restaurant for a quick lunch date before his appointment.  That is something we haven't done since he was a very young infant.  And besides trying to escape his high chair, he handled it pretty well.  It's the small things.  But actually, I don't think being able to take your baby out in public is really such a small thing.  It seems rather monumental to me.
Our little guitar prodigy!
First off, I would like to clarify that Cannon is NOT wearing a SKIRT!
In this unfortunate angle, it appears he is wearing a black ballet skirt, but I assure you it's black soccer shorts.
Cannon tested out a tap dance class this week and he loved it.  I do not have any experience doing tap dance-- I did take a clogging class at BYU, but it didn't really go very well and I really didn't have any business being in the class.  "Beginning" Clogging-- yeah, right!
Anyway, I think the reason Cannon loved it-- and he did LOVE it-- was because the experience was very cerebral.  He had to really think about how he was moving and what steps to do next.  This kid loves to use his brain.  He is also taking a boys' hip hop class, but he won't start that until next week.
I am happy for him to have an activity he enjoys so much.  I will, however, make sure in the future that it never appears he is wearing a skirt in his dance pictures.
Cannon built a temple.  I like the Angel Moroni.
Faith favored us with a most delicious batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  I like to say the world can be healed through Faith and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  She made these while I was gone to Peter's Dr. appointment yesterday.  She and Bethany decided to make a triple batch-- which normally would be terrific idea.  However, they're weren't enough chocolate chips, so they were a little skimpy on the chocolate.  Not that that stopped me from eating 8 of them a "snack".
And to celebrate the arrival of October the next day, Clark tried the unthinkable.  He dipped a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie in a pumpkin shake from Arctic Circle.
The Universe did not implode.
Elinor's snowman family.  My children are hoping for lots of snow this winter.  But enough about winter.  Today is the first day of October and I think I'll celebrate with another pumpkin chocolate chip cookie.

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