Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Night 2015

This is how I tried to spend much of the evening of Halloween.  Admittedly, I did find it challenging to concentrate as I had to help children get ready for trick-or-treating and then my door bell rang a lot.  The struggle to read is real.
 And this is where our oldest spent his Halloween.  Clark (on the right) made pizzas for us, and for many, many others working at Papa Murphy's.  It's their biggest day of the year by far, so all hands must be on deck.
My first, and favorite trick-or-treaters.
They met up with Faith and friends at the next house they went to.
Quite the neighborhood convergence at the Lee's.
 The little ones are always wary, yet intrigued by the gorilla at the Kitchens.
Good to know there is protection nearby.
Abe and Frankenstein
Elinor the beggar met up with the boys.
My comfy setup, until it got too dark and cold.  Then I went inside.
Cannon found his buddy, Jake.
I hope every neighborhood has that one really creepy house.  We sure do.  We also have the awesome house that grills hotdogs.  And another that grills hamburgers.  I'm telling you, this is Halloween Heaven!
I'm not really a cat lover, but I was charmed by the black cat that hung out on our front porch for a while tonight.  I was kind of sad when it left.
It must have cast some sort of spell on me;  I even tried to lure it to stay with a bowl of milk. Why would I do that?
Elinor found some other beggars to keep company with.
Faith and Lily and Gracie got so much candy it was a burden.
Abe's scariest moment of near incontinence--- realizing the statuesque pumpkin headed creature was alive!
Glorious Halloween!
Even as I write, two children are near to throwing up.  It happens every year.  I don't try to stop them.  Go ahead and eat yourself sick once a year.  It's some sort of rite of passage.

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Amy F. said...

As always, you manage to get great pictures! I must try this picture taking of costumes before it gets dark. :) I like your front porch reading chair! I need to read Dracula too. Did you like it?