Saturday, October 31, 2015

Homemade Halloween 2015

We sort of had a family theme for Halloween this year.  The theme was "Homemade Halloween".  Do It Yourself Costumes.  Part of me felt a little bit disappointed that I didn't make more of an effort, but the other part of me has never enjoyed Halloween more than I did this year!  Talk about low-key and chill.  I think I might need more low-key and chill in my life.
Bethany made this adorable unicorn costume.
Can you guess what Clark was?

A chick magnet!
I adored Elinor's blind beggar costume.  This brown robe has come in handy several times over the years-- Jedi, beggar, monk.  It was a good investment piece.
Could she have been a cuter Little Red Riding Hood?
 Peter wore the beloved puppy dog costume.  This doggie costume has been worn and loved by every single child since Clark.  It was purchased on clearance after Clark's first Halloween.  It has held up perfectly and I will NEVER throw it away.  My grandchildren must wear the doggie costume!
George was Army Man-- another well-loved hand-me-down costume.  I'm telling you, this Halloween was seriously low stress.  Let it be known that the number of hours or the dollars spent on a costume do not equate with the love I have for this boy.  He is wonderful and I adore everything about him.
I loved that he feel asleep on the floor 45 minutes before it was time to go trick-or-treating.  
 Cannon was Napoleon Dynamite.  He had some concerns that his friends wouldn't "get" his costume.
We told him that is true, but it's too funny.  Do it anyway.   The funniest part was to hear him quoting Napoleon.  HILARIOUS!
Here's one more picture, not quite as clear, but it makes me smile.

Those are the costumes everyone actually ended up wearing on Halloween night.  But since it was Homemade Halloween, nobody had to decide very far in advance, and, in fact, several of them tried on several other costumes over the week leading up to Halloween.  Here are a few runners up:
 George seriously considered going as a butterfly (I think it's a fly).
George was ecstatic to have Clark make him a cocoon and hang him upside down.  Big brothers can be really fun.
Cannon had a run as Commander and Chief.  Faith helped him with his more sophisticated hairstyle.  This cracked me up because Cannon reminded me so much of my youngest brother, Chip, at the same age.
Pete was a pretty cute little Yoda baby.
Cannon and Faith tested out the "Pioneer Children" look.  I thought it was a good look.
Abe went around with the kids as the doggies chauffeur.  I like that Peter is pulling at his doggie ears in rage.  I guess he doesn't love the doggie costume as much as some of the kids.
Faith wasn't with the boys tonight as she went with a neighbor's family.

Will we return to a family costume theme next year?  Probably.  Most of the kids seem to like it.  Or maybe not.  This year was very enjoyable and I enjoyed the kid's creativity in finding costumes.  We'll see.

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