Saturday, October 3, 2015

Jane Austen Book Club

The part of this school year I am the most looking forward to is our Mother/Daughter Jane Austen Book Club.  This is something I have hoped to do with my girls since they were very young, and this is the year!
We had our first club meeting a couple of weeks ago.  We discussed Sense and Sensibility and it was all I hoped it would be and then some.
These pictures are courtesy of Camille Schramm who was also our hostess for the evening.  Brenda and her daughter helped with refreshments and decorations as well.  It was just lovely.
I was particularly impressed with the Jane Austen (or at least regency era bust) homemade chocolates.  Chocolate and Jane Austen-- a match made in heaven.
I led the discussion, but I was thrilled with the participation and comments from the young women.  They were thoughtful and insightful.  They are wonderful.  Even the youngest girls, Faith and Carly, had great input.  I told Faith if she would sit and listen to the whole book as we read it aloud, she could join in as well.  She did it!  The girls were so excited when the character of Marianne Dashwood was referred to in a Penderwicks books we recently read.  Faith and Elinor especially loved that they were in on the "joke" before the characters in the book were.
We had a great turn out and this wasn't even everyone who will be joining us other times.  One of the charter schools that several of the girls go to had a dance that evening.   Next month is Pride and Prejudice with vintage dancing! 

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