Friday, October 30, 2015

Two Camps of Carving

We all love the tradition of pumpkin carving, but we are divided into two camps: "Camp-Carve" and "Camp-No-Carve".  Basically, those that participate and those that don't.
Elinor was in "Camp Carve".  She carved her own and Peter's. 
Although she did not wish to be photographed (which wish I obviously did not respect), Bethany was in "Camp-No-Carve".  She practiced her violin instead.  I think it was a very good use of time.
Clark was firmly set in "Camp Carve".  He only did his own pumpkin, but it was a most intricate design.
"H-Scape" stands for HeroScape-- a game Clark really likes.
Faith was in "Camp-No-Carve".  Miss Muscle practiced her gymnastics, doing 200 back-handsprings instead.  I think this, too, was a good use of time.  She's been working hard trying to get moved up to the next class and this week she did it! 
George is in "Camp-No-Carve", but he was particular that he wanted his jack-o-lantern to be a skeleton skull.  Abe was the master work-horse carver.  He carved 7 pumpkins!!! Of his own free will! 
Here is the impressive final product!  I can't even take a tiny bit of credit.  I don't carve at all.  
Top row from left to right: Peter's (carved by Elinor), Elinor's ghost pumpkin, Clark's HeroScape, Bethany's Young Women's Torch logo.
Middle row from left:  George's skull, Faith's happy pumpkin, Cannon's missing tooth, Tessa's sweetie pumpkin.
Bottom from left:  Abe's scary cyclops, my family love pumpkin.
I appreciate Abe's commitment to family traditions.  I also appreciate that he got a great deal on pumpkins this year.  All ten for less than ten dollars!  Yippee!

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