Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Do you see the vegetable turkey?  It is a thing of beauty, is it not?
I had nothing to do with its creation.  That was the handiwork of my friend Andrea.  Our family shared Thanksgiving with the Flynn/Golding family this year and it was just lovely.
It wasn't just our two families, rather there were about five families--some old friends and some new.
The ladies made cookie/candy turkeys for us.  I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  Our nicer camera is down, so we're left to the mercy of our phone cameras.  They are hardly worthy of the name "camera".
Stephanie (Andrea's former sister-in-law) was Peter's special friend yesterday.  I was very grateful for her help with him.  Stephanie's daughter, Trinity, is a great favorite of Elinor's.
The kids table.  They all look pretty silly here, but they were so good to each other and got along famously all day.
Sort of a family picture-- minus four children.  We were sitting, waiting for the line to go down.  I'd been on my feet cooking for several hours and didn't feel like standing in line.
I should have taken a better picture from the front, but this was one of our new friends.  Masa is the director of the One Voice Children's Choir here in Utah.  He and his wife joined us and they were very nice.  He accompanied us as we sang Christmas Carols and listened to a few of the young people perform.  HE WAS AMAZING!!!!  He didn't use music and he played the most beautiful accompaniments.  What a treat!  It was better than pie!
 It was requested that they boys sing "We Three Kings".  It would have been better if they'd had any idea how many verses there actually were, but it was still enjoyable.
 I indulged in a jigsaw puzzle after the big meal.  It's not finished yet and I hope to head back over to Andrea's this weekend to finish it up.  It was fun to work together on it.  Abe turned out to be a quite a good puzzler, which really doesn't surprise me.  I'm not very good at them, but I enjoy them nonetheless.
We thought what fun it would be if we stayed the night last night!
We were WRONG!
It wasn't fun.  Well, it was really fun for everyone except Abe, Peter and I.  Peter likes his bed and his bed only.  He's not what you'd call "adaptable".  This was a picture I snapped of him in the early hours of the morning when he wasn't going back to sleep.  We had hoped to hang out there during the day today as well, but we decided getting Peter home for a good nap was more important.
Thank you, Andrea, for hosting a wonderful gathering.  We are blessed.

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Amy F. said...

How nice to have Thanksgiving with good friends. :)