Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Secret Project

I cannot give any details yet, but this is part of a project I am working on for my kiddos for Christmas.  As most handmade projects are for me, it was out of my league to do alone.  I had to beg the assistance of someone far more competent than me.  Camille and I did some measuring.
But who are we kidding, Keith was the mathematical mastermind.  He is a rocket scientist after all!
I tried to resist, but Camille pretty much forced me to be brave and use the chop saw.   No fingers were lost in the making of this project. 
It wasn't so bad.  Are you just dying to know what I'm making?
Nope, can't tell yet.
I will only say it was wildly successful and and no where near as difficult and time consuming as I feared.  It's amazing what the right tools can do to speed a job along.  And if it's the right tools you're looking for, look no farther than the Schramm's garage!
They even had an air compressor to clean off all the little shavings!  

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Amy F. said...

Betsy, that last picture! Haha!! I'm guessing forts?