Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Clark's Eagle Scout Project

Clark has been very busy the last couple of weeks planning and carry out his Eagle Scout project.  He got his project idea from Mark Taylor, a good friend of ours who works for UDOT (Utah Department of Transportation).  Clark collected stuffed animals for UHP (Utah Highway Patrol) and UDOT Incident Management vehicles to carry with them for children involved in accidents or incidents.
A group gathered Tuesday, December 1st to take fliers around to three wards in our stake.  Fliers were delivered to 550 homes.
It was a pretty chilly evening, but fortunately there was hot chocolate!
Phase one--done.
Saturday morning, December 5th was phase two.  Clark was so happy to have plenty of support and drivers to drive back through the neighborhoods they had dropped fliers to and check front porches for bags of new or gently used stuffed animals.
There was a driver and a runner.  The hair boys teamed up.
And the donations came pouring in.
The kids would thrown each animal down stairs and Jakob Schramm tallied them up.  By the end of the morning we had almost 500!
This picture of Clark buried in stuffed animals is almost 400.  More have been coming in over the past few days and he is only about 30 away from 600!  Keep them coming!
It was a very fun project to help with and hopefully will bring a little cheer to children in sad situations.

Thank you to everyone who helped him!
Here he is at UDOT Traffic Operations Center turning in over 600 stuffed animals to be handed out to children in accidents or incidents all over the state of Utah.  He is the first to do this as an Eagle Project, and the director seemed pretty impressed with how many he had collected.


Ali said...

Congrats Clark!

Amy F. said...

What a great project, and a fun one to help with!