Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Snow Days

Peter was getting a little shaggy.  Nothing that a set of clippers and a sucker can't take care of.
I have a long history now of pretty bad hair cuts on little boys.  But I'm just going to say it... I did a pretty good job with Pete's hair this time around.  Too bad I don't really remember what I did, so I don't know if I'll be able to repeat it.
Another one taken before the cut.  He had a few days a couple of weeks ago where he was so happy every day.  Then he got a mouth full of molars all at once.  Sad for him.  Sad for the whole family.
In other, happier news, we have had a lot of snow the last couple of weeks.  We haven't had this much in about four years.  Which, besides the fact, that I am living in "snow clothes purgatory", the kids have been having a grand time playing in the snow and not getting school work done.
Even Abe was pretty excited to get home from work so he could get out and play in the snow.
The kids divided into teams and prepared for a great snowball fight.  Bethany, Cannon, and George vs. Elinor and Faith.  They were on separate sides of the yard for preparing snowballs, but then Elinor and Faith ventured our for the attack with their ammunition on the red sled.
I love George for lots of reasons, but one of them is his independence when it comes to putting on and taking off his snow clothes.  He takes care of business.
Bethany dodging a bullet.
Show no mercy, Beth!
Even Peter went our for a few minutes.  It was very short-lived, however because he wouldn't keep his gloves on, but was miserable without them.
All in all, the snow has been a marvelous way to enjoy December.

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