Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Day On the Slopes

We're not much of a skiing family, but we do love sledding.  A couple weeks back the gang and co. went sledding on our favorite hill near Monarch Meadows park.
They were out there for about three hours and having a marvelous time!
Faith and Emma.
Not only are the red hats stylish, but they are very warm.
It makes me happy that my little kids think all of these bigger kids are their siblings.
We've had more snow since this sledding trip and since tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I believe there are plans in the works for another outing.
George loves to play outside in the snow and I say as long as he continues to manage his own snow clothes, he can go out as often as he likes.
They came home to warm up with hot chocolate.  Unfortunately, the milk got scalded and it wasn't very tasty hot chocolate.
Can you tell who burned the milk?  


Matt and Misty said...

Can we please do this the next time we come?! This looks so fun! And sledding in t-shirts makes it even more magical!

Amy F. said...

Looks like a blast!!