Saturday, January 30, 2016

Happy Birthday, Abe

Last Wednesday was Abe's 41st birthday.  We decided to celebrate by taking the whole family out to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Italian Village.  We rarely go out to eat, and when we do, it's usually the dollar menu at some horrible fast food joint.  I hardly think that counts as going out to eat.  But anyway, we would like out children to know how to behave in a restaurant, so we thought this a worthy way to spend his birthday sheckles.
On the way there, I gave some friendly, and not so friendly reminders of expected behavior.  As you can imagine, we are a bit of a scene wherever we go, so I don't believe my fears were unfounded.
Perhaps I shouldn't have worried, because with the obvious exception of Peter, everyone was just lovely.  They were calm, polite, and grateful children.  Ten Points for us!
And although Peter was screechy, we tried really hard to keep him happy and quiet. 
We arrived just as the restaurant opened, so there was really only one other couple sitting near us most of the time. They kindly offered to take our picture and Abe shared the special occasion and the rarity of of us being out to eat together.
Can you imagine our surprise when it came time to pay our bill and someone had already mysteriously paid our entire bill and slipped away before we could possibly thank them?? 
It seriously made our day.  You hear of that happening, but to be the recipient brought tears to my eyes.  And it's not like a party of nine has a small bill!  Wow!  It was quite a birthday surprise.

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Amy F. said...

What a heartwarming story!! So sweet. That's a great birthday gift!