Saturday, January 30, 2016

We Can't Lose... Until We Do

A couple weeks ago Clark and Elinor were both involved with FIRST Lego League teams at a regional competition.  In what I can only say was poor planning on our part, they were involved with different teams.  Elinor joined a Team T.A.R.D.I.S-- an existing team that met conveniently near our house.  Only to find out shortly thereafter that Clark was helping to mentor another team-- Cyborg Squid Squad with a robotics buddy on his current FRC team.  So there you have it.  So much for family support and loyalty. 
Here is Elinor with part of her team and the coach and mentor.  There were two other team members who had a funeral and were unable to make it to the competition.  Elinor had mixed feeling about this FLL experience.  She felt they weren't as prepared as they could have been and she was okay that the season would likely come to an end after regionals.
But that wasn't to be.  The season wasn't over quite yet.  Out of about 40 teams, just a handful went on to the state competition and Elinor's team was one of them.  They won the judges' choice award-- probably because of the hardship of having half of their team bail at the last minute. 
I believe that in the same way that our family is cursed to always be a part of losing athletic teams, we are likewise blessed to be a part of winning robotics teams.  I don't know why we have been thus blessed.  It's our gift, I suppose.
And, of course, Clark's team was one of the few chosen as well.  They won for project.  The streak continued.
Today was the state competition down at Utah Valley University.  Lest I keep you in suspense, neither team won anything today.  Perhaps the streak is broken.  It was a good day, nonethless.
 T.A.R.D.I.S stands for Totally Awesome Robots Doing Ingenious Stuff.
I know I've mentioned it before, but I am a HUGE fan of FIRST Lego League.  I love the values it teaches.  I love kids looking for solutions to real world problems.  I love the team work.  I love the concept of mentors.  I love the fun atmosphere.  I hope that more of my children have an opportunity to be involved with the program. 
And here I pin all my hopes for future FLL glory--- Team Little Kids.

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