Saturday, January 30, 2016

Welcome to the Club

You know how you hear a lot of people complain about something and you smugly sit by and think how glad you are that you aren't in that boat.

Confession:  This is how I have felt about orthodontics.

Thanks to my enormous mouth, I never had braces.  I guess on some level I have felt superior.  As if I had anything to do with it.  I know, it's ridiculous.  Clark and Bethany were never referred to an orthodontist.  They have close to perfect bites and their teeth line up just right.  I've said it's one of the greatest financial blessings of our lives that we haven't needed orthodontics.   I just sort of assumed it would last for all of the children.  Was that unreasonable?

At our most recent visit to the dentist, he suggested Elinor's bite wasn't quite right and maybe we should look into seeing an orthodontist.  It didn't seem that serious, so we've dragged our feet a bit.  This past week we finally made an appointment.  I asked how long of a "treatment" (that's the word they use) we were looking at.  Surely, not more than a year or 18 months-- I mean, look how straight her teeth are!

Yes, well, apparently it can take a while to correct an overbite as severe as her's.  To the tune of 2 1/2 years and $5,000!

WHAT??? How could I not know it was that bad???
Am I overreacting here?  Is this typical?  Should I shop around?  Does anyone have any horror stories they want to share?  See, now I'm in the club and I want to sit around an complain about it.  I don't feel smug anymore.  I am sufficiently humbled.
But I still think she is lovely just the way she is.


Amy F. said...

Julia has had two rounds of braces, Annie and John have both done a round with round 2 in the future. Something about their bottom jaw grows faster than their top jaw. And yes, each round has been about $2,500, which is part of the reason we're still renting a house and don't own one. Haha!

Bonita said...

James and Luke both had awful teeth. Luke's was so bad that all of the assistants in the office brought their phones in to take pictures. It was almost Their services were about $3000 and that included everything. It wasn't a very exciting way to spend our tax BUT, it gave them both such confidence in their smiles..and now there are no excuses to not smile. :)

Naomi said...

I'm sorry but looking at that picture her teet don't look that bad! In fact not bad at all!