Thursday, February 18, 2016

Family Field Trip

Wednesday was a family field trip to the Living Planet Aquarium that is quite near our house.  Everyone was a fan and since we now have a membership, I anticipate us returning often over the next year.
Elinor was our wildlife photographer.
The kids enjoyed touching the sting rays.
My brother Chip and two of his kiddos joined us.  They have a 4D theater that was entertaining.
I will say, it was pleasantly child friendly.  
All of the exhibits were very accessible, even for the little patrons.  Peter was so happy to toddle around looking at everything.  Sometimes it was hard to convince him to move on.  We only lost him twice before we had to contain him in his stroller.  
With such a large family and different activities and schedules, it is a real treat for us to all go do something together.  Especially an animal/nature place that appeals to everyone.
Within the aquarium there is a giant indoor play area that is heavenly for children in the winter time.  Oh, to get to run and play in open space!  Obviously my little ones loved it, but truth be told, Bethany and Elinor quite enjoyed playing with the little kids as well.  That is something I really enjoy about them even as they get older.  They are very playful.
They made up some sort of leopard capturing game and Bethany came to tell me she had ripped her jeans while playing.  She said, "It's been a while since I got a hole in my jeans while playing".
Somehow this made me very happy.  
And then, the day had been such a success, that we decided to press our luck and go out to eat at a Thai restaurant on the recommendation of Chip.  It was Thai Siam (where the old Ruby Tuesday's used to be) and it was super tasty, super FAST, and quite inexpensive (since we did the orange chicken special all the way around).  Are they always that fast?  Or did they just want to get us out of there quickly?  It doesn't really matter, because we enjoyed ourselves IMMENSELY! 
For the rest of the day all the kids kept saying what a great day it was.  I agree-- it was a really fantastic family day.  Which is pretty much as good as it gets.

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