Friday, February 12, 2016

Mixed Emotions

Sunday evening was  very emotional night for me. 
Granted, I am pregnant, and I cry very easily.  But still, I was rather a mess.
Since he was about five years old, London Flynn has been one of Clark's closest friends.  He is the guy just to the right of Clark.  Sunday evening was his Eagle court of honor and it was a wonderful evening.  It was tender, but I could manage it, until the slide show. 
In so many of the slide show pictures of London, there were pictures of Clark and lots of these guys.  Their lives have been so intertwined in so many good ways.  I felt so grateful for his and our associations with such good friends for so many years.  Growing up in the military myself, it is a different thing to live with and share experiences for many years.  My experience was getting to know a lot of great people, but then moving on and meeting new great people.  To have this kind of longevity is a different, wonderful thing. 
I felt grateful for the opportunities they have had together-- book clubs, Shakespeare classes, trips, Lego robotics, big robots, dates, D&D.
I felt sad that they are all almost grown up.  Mission papers are in for a few of them.  College has begun.  This is their last season of robots together.  IT HAS GONE SO FAST.  Everyone said it would, but who believes that?  The days are so long but the years are so short.
I felt hopeful for their futures.  They've had top notch home school educations and experiences.  They have brilliant minds and they will do great things to help their fellow men.
I felt such joy remembering all the great times.  What happiness they have brought to their families.  The memories made me so happy.

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Amy F. said...

What a special night!