Friday, February 12, 2016

Regency Romance Ball 2016

Last weekend Abe and I enjoyed a lovely evening at the Regency Romance Ball.   We've been going to this event annually for several years, but we didn't go last year.  It was great fun to be back.
We particularly enjoy the evening with great friends.
 Aren't they just the most dashing thing!
In the past the event has been at the Masonic Temple downtown.  This year it was at the Little America ballroom.  Much prettier.  And the dresses this year!!!! It seemed that just about everyone was seriously regency era.  Very impressive.  It did make me a little self conscious of my nightgown, turned regency gown.  Oh well.
Just lovely.
 This is kind of a funny picture because it was taken in the ladies room... but it was such a pretty bathroom!

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