Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Bunny 2016

Because Clark and I would be leaving for his Robotics weekend in Denver for Easter weekend, Abe and I requested that the Easter Bunny come earlier than usual.  When questioned by younger children why the Easter Bunny came so early, we replied that the Easter Bunny comes when we ask him to.
Simple enough.  No more questions.
As per tradition that has no particular meaning for reason, the Easter Bunny brings everyone a book along with a few treats.  I don't think we have the best, most meaningful traditions, but they are ours and we are diligent in keeping them.
Peter was still asleep and we all agreed, that as much as we love him, it would be better for everyone involved if he stayed sleeping as long as possible.
How humiliating for the older children that we still insist that they line up.  When Clark tried to resist, I reminded him he only had to do this this time and once more.
The mad dash for the foil wrapped eggs in the miniature Easter egg hunt.  It's quick and intense, but entertaining to all.
The real beauty of the tradition is everyone is contented and occupied with their fresh reading material all day.
Cannon has been requesting this book for a while.  Abe thought it might be a little over his head, but I reminded him not to underestimate what Cannon can catch.
Bethany finished her book-- Edenbrooke--in one day.  She liked it, but said the main character drove her a little crazy.
George got The Day the Crayons Came Home (or something like that).  It is the sequel to a book we have that the kids love--The Day the Crayons Quit.  Bethany was quick to offer to read it to George and it drew everyone in.  There was much laughter.  We highly recommend.
I liked that Clark and Bethany switched books for the picture.  You can see how much Clark is looking forward to his Regency romance!  Faith and Elinor both got series by Jessica Day George.
When I asked Clark to let me take a picture of him reading his book.
It's not a green tongue.
Six Peeps at once in your mouth is really too much.
One Peep in your mouth is really too much.  Disgusting.
Peter did eventually wake up and join us.  And then he promptly proceeded to alter the girls' artwork.
  The day before we celebrated Easter Bunny, we celebrated Faith's 10th birthday.
She and I enjoyed lunch together at IKEA where we bought her a desk for her room and an art easel.  She's been having a grand time with the easel.  She is a gem and we love her more than we can begin to say.  What joy she brings to our home and to all who know her.
Hmm.  How do I feel about this?  It is time for Bethany to learn how to drive.  Truthfully, I think she will be a pretty good, cautious driver.  But still, I feel a healthy degree of alarm.  Mostly just because, how can she be old enough to drive a car?


Amy F. said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Easter. I love your tradition of a book and treats!! And lining up! Fun. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Schramm Family said...

Agreed.... peeps are nasty.