Saturday, March 5, 2016

Elinor's 13th Birthday

Elinor recently celebrated her 13th birthday and it was quite the event for her.
It was a night of games and friends from the neighborhood, speech and debate, family, and swim team.  They were really great kids and everyone seemed to have a good time.  
 I will say they were very loud!  I don't know what I expected from twenty 12-15 year olds.
Elinor was so happy! 
This was a pretty big part of what made her birthday so wonderful.  
Elinor is a girl who embraces life.  And for the past year or so she has wanted chickens.  It is her dream.  Recently a neighbor paid her to take care of their chickens for a week while they were on vacation.  I wanted to tell them, "DON'T PAY HER!  She'll pay YOU to take care of your chickens!"
Being the dream-crusher that I am, I haven't taken her wishes very seriously.  
No, it's worse than that.  I've flat our refused to even consider letting her get chickens.
Fortunately, she has kinder friends than her mother.
The Schramm family set her up with chicks and a starter home for the chicks.  The name on the box, "Elinor's Fowl Services" was Elinor's idea of what she would name her bird tending business.
She was thrilled beyond belief.  She could hardly believe it was true!  In the Schramm family's defense, I did give my okay.  I couldn't bring myself to give her chickens myself, but I could hardly deny someone giving her a gift!
It has been pretty cute listening to their adorable little chirping sounds.
As she loves to take pictures, she was so happy to get a camera of her own to shoot away at every beautiful sunset and snow covered peak she sees. 

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Amy F. said...

How fun for Elinor, good luck with your feathered friends! Another teenager in the house!